US sent 25 airstrikes against ISIS militants this week, says gov't

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A protester holds a placard against Islamic State In Syria (ISIS) militants during a demonstration August 9, 2014. | (FILE) REUTERS/Ralph Orlowski)

WASHINGTON (Christian Examiner)  -- The U.S. military launched 14 more strikes against Islamic militants in Syria and led 11 strikes in Iraq since Monday, according to the U.S. Central Command.

The strikes in Syria, centered near the border town of Kobani, hit a large group of militant fighters as well as various fighting positions, military officials said in a statement on Wednesday.

In Iraq, the U.S led strikes in six cities--Mosul, Ramadi, Tal Afar, Sinjar, Qaim and Falluja--destroyed bunkers, buildings, vehicles and two weapon facilities for the terrorist group. U.S. and allied forces also struck several ISIS fighting units, according to the statement.