Pro-life activists plan 'Day of Mourning,' call for repentance after 'revolting' NY abortion law

by Leonardo Blair, |
Pro-lifers in New York. | Photo: Facebook

Pro-life activists are calling for a repentance a week after the New York state Legislature passed a bill making it legal for abortionists and other health care professionals to perform abortions up to birth for any reason that might threaten a woman's mental or physical health.

"On February 23, there's going to be a national day of mourning. What will happen on that day is nationwide we are encouraging people to do what we did here. Shut your business down, don't collect sales tax that day, wear black, repent for our own apathy on this issue of abortion overall," Jon Speed, owner of the Jon Speed: The Book Scout in Syracuse told The Christian Post Friday.

The controversial Reproductive Health Act that abortion advocates have been trying to get passed for 12 years and has been vehemently opposed by religious and conservative groups, passed with a 38-28 vote and thunderous applause in the state Senate chamber on Jan. 22. The bill codifies federal abortion rights guaranteed under the 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision and removes abortion from the state's criminal code.

Speed, who calls the RHA "revolting," is also pastor of Christ Is King Baptist Church. He has been in mourning since Jan. 22 and drew the attention of pro-life supporters when he shut down his business in protest on Jan. 23.

"The book store is closed today. It is a day of mourning in New York. In honor of the thousands of babies that will die in the years to come, we shall not be collecting sales tax for this tyrannical government today. We will on other days, under duress, but not today," Speed declared in a viral tweet.

Speed's protest has since launched a campaign called the Day of Mourning, supported by high profile pro-life figures such as David and Jason Benham.

"The state of New York just voted to expand abortion access right up to the birth of the baby! To celebrate this unbelievable depravity they lit the One World Trade Center in pink! Women used to celebrate motherhood and find joy in their children. Today, in places like New York City, they are taking joy in destroying their children. N.Y. State has crossed a line of inhumanity that should drive us to our knees," a summary on the campaign's website said.

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