Heaven official trailer

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Available this November, Heaven is a new film with a never-before-released message from Billy Graham. It will feature compelling stories and testimonies from Laurie Coombs and firefighter Cheyane Caldwell. | My Hope 2014

In 2013, the My Hope America movie, The Cross, brought more than 100,000 people to a personal relationship with Jesus, according to the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. Next in its plan is the November 2014 release of a new 30-minute film featuring testimonies of Laurie Coombs and firefighter Cheyane Caldwell and a never-before-released message from Billy Graham about Heaven.

Combs is a regular contributing writer for iBelieve.com and Crosswalk.com and is writing her first book, Letters from My Father's Murderer, an account of how she was moved in 2010 to forgive the man who took her father's life.

"What an honor it was to be included in such an amazing project," she wrote in her blog. "The film is intended to be used as an evangelistic tool and will be released just in time for Mr. Graham's ninety-sixth birthday in early November."

The other featured guest is a firefighter who miraculously survived an 18-foot fall through the burning roof of Los Angeles building and was engulfed in the inferno below. He suffered burns over 10 percent of his body, but had no broken bones.

In the days that followed Caldwell's captain visited him many times in the hospital, moved more and more by the recovering firefighter's strength and peace, until he finally understood the source of this peace and strength and accepted Christ at Cheyane's bedside.

My Hope 2014 is asking churches and individuals to be part of the venerated evangelist Billy Graham's birthday November 7 by taking part in the evangelistic outreach offered by release of Heaven and lists four steps outlining how to take part:

Plan. Set a date to show Heaven on or around November 7, in honor of Billy Graham's birthday. Show it—and reach as many people as possible—at a church-wide outreach, on youth retreats, in small groups, in homes with friends, or in any way to bring people together to hear the Gospel.

Prepare. Ask God for a renewed love for people who need the hope of Jesus Christ. Write down the names of those you will commit to pray for daily and challenge others to do the same. Also watch the video below to learn how to prepare.

Watch. Show Heaven and bring the friends, neighbors, or loved ones you're praying for. After the film, invite guests to put their faith in Jesus Christ as Savior.

Disciple. Use your own materials or Billy Graham Evangelistic Association resources to help new believers grow in faith.