'Fatherhood begins in the womb,' says Ben Watson at NYC Times Square pro-life event

by Michael Gryboski, |
Retired NFL star Benjamin Watson discusses the role men play in reducing the abortion rate at the 'Alive From New York' event hosted by Focus on the Family in Times Square New York City on Saturday May 4, 2019. | The Christian Post/Leonardo Blair

Retired National Football League player Ben Watson explained the importance of men in battling abortion, stating at a major pro-life rally in New York's Times Square that "fatherhood begins in the womb."

The "Alive From New York" event on Saturday afternoon was organized by Focus on the Family and featured several speakers as well as a live sonogram of a third trimester baby.

Watson called on the men at the gathering to not avoid conversations about abortion, but rather "to step up and to step into these conversations with boldness and with grace and with conviction."

"As families across our country are being destroyed and as lives are being extinguished, we must expose the lies that are being told. We must peel back those layers of deceit," said Watson.

"We have to be men who are willing to step into that boldly and with confidence because we were made to be protectors and providers. You have what it takes to be the man God designed you to be."

Watson said that the voice of pro-life men is "greatly needed" in the "public sphere," also stressing that "fatherhood begins in the womb."

"That's where is starts," continued Watson. "It doesn't start when the baby is out. The relationship you have with the mother, the relationship you have talking to that child en utero. Fatherhood begins in the womb."

"There are millions of preborn children and courageous, precious mothers that are depending on us men to be men. So let's do it."

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