WWJD? Not exploit pint-size divas spouting F-bombs, writers say

by Joni B. Hannigan, Editorial Staff |

COLUMBUS, Ohio (Christian Examiner)—Days after a viral pink video with sweet little girls—dressed in tiaras and taffeta—spouting the F-bomb to expose "real feminism," feminists and those they criticize alike have come out in force criticizing the video for exploiting children.

"There is nothing feminist about exploiting a bunch of little girls by having them swear and talk about rape statistics just so that FCKH8 can make a quick buck," Anne Thériault, a feminist blogger from Canada, wrote.

Reflecting on Jesus' mission to affect social change, Christian writer Lynn Cowell said He was interested in fighting social injustice—something the makers of the video purport to do—but did not do it at the expense of the ones who are being exploited.

FCKH8, a for-profit t-shirt company based in Columbus, Ohio, released the two minute and thirty-five second commercial for t-shirts which has gone viral on social media.

"Pretty. Pretty. Pretty," each of the dolled-up princesses says in the high energy video, with pincurls dancing, batting their eyelashes for effect.

Until the music skips a beat—and they force their face into the camera—one with a pronounced lisp—to screech profanities would send most puppies to the doghouse.

"What the f***! I'm not the pretty F***in' helpless princess in distress!

"I'm pretty f***in' powerful and ready for success."

The pint-sized divas, ranging about 6-8 years in age, throw around the F-word, roll their eyes—and heads—and sway their hips around with attitude, while taking about sexism, rape, and "inequality" between men and women in the workforce.

YouTube even found the video so shocking at first that they took it down, but later put it back up where it is being shared on Facebook and via other means by people who are both supportive and those who are critical.

Luke Montgomery a homosexual activist who once changed his name to "Sissyfag" founded FCKH8.com, according to an article in World News Magazine.

Some have attributed the rambling storyline to inaccuracies in what the girls were told to say by the t-shirt clad women who all but pounced on them at the end, selling their wares.

"What Women Really Want," co author Ann-Marie Murrell said activists were using children to promote their agenda.

"But why would anyone need things like 'truth' and 'accuracy' when you can instead watch a video full of cussing little girls demanding the world bow to their whims and do whatever they say?" Murrell asked.

Responding to a rant by one of the girls: "One out of every five women will be sexually assaulted or raped by a man. 1-2-3-4-5. Which one of us will it be? ... Here's a hot tip. Stop telling girls how to dress, and start teaching boys not to f***ing rape!" co-author Morgan Brittany, said feminists are getting desperate because women are turning away.

"The feminists are losing the argument," Brittany told World Magazine. "All of the Beyoncé pole dancing, little girls spouting the 'F' word and other degrading images that they can come up with are turning people's stomachs."

Cowell, a Proverbs 31 Ministries writer and speaker, and the author of recently published Magnetic: Becoming the Girl He Wants, told Christian Examiner what she believes about how Jesus would react.

"Jesus Himself got involved in social change and He, too, used shock value to introduce that change," Cowell told Christian Examiner. "In the Gospel we often see Him going against injustices toward women and the poor."

Even in reflecting on Jesus' actions however, Cowell reminded that Jesus was mindful of cause and effect.

"In pushing culture for that change, He didn't exploit the very ones who needed to be the receivers of that change," Cowell said.

In teaching wisdom to her daughters and others, Cowell said she endeavors to show them when others see "a life that is different, because they are different than culture, not acting the same as it," they are drawn by the magnetism of that difference.

"Our daughters need us to show them how to be strong and bring pressure for solutions in our society downfalls. We should model for them respectable actions, which demand change," Cowell said. "Yes, these actions can be shocking, drawn attention to because of the good behind them. Never, though, should we hurt in the process, the very ones who need our strength and help."

Concerned individuals may contact FCKH8.com and YouTube.com.