Watch sneak peek of the raising of Lazarus in new series 'Jesus: His Life'

by Jeannie Law, |
"Jesus: His Life" sneak peek - The Raising of Lazarus, March 28, 2019. | Screenshot

The new eight-part television series "Jesus: His Life" premiered on the History channel last month and The Christian Post has a sneak peek of the latest episode on the story of Lazarus.

"Jesus: His Life," produced by Nutopia productions ("Finding Jesus"), is a combination of scripted drama based off the Gospels and interviews with prominent pastors and Christian scholars, including Lakewood Church Pastor Joel Osteen, Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church Michael Curry, and Asbury Theological Seminary New Testament Professor Ben Witherington III.

"Did I not tell you that if you believe you will see the glory of God?" the actor playing Jesus is heard telling the Jewish people at Lazarus' tomb before raising Lazarus from the dead in the sneak peek video.

The clip shows the powerful moment in which Lazarus comes out of the tomb and everyone who witnesses his resurrection is stunned.

"What was going through Mary and Martha when they saw their brother raised from the dead, they were probably stupified beyond words," one of the series commentators is heard saying as the dramatization is played out.

Another commentator for the series added, "Because Lazarus was sick and already died, Jewish theology would have understood that this is what God ordained. So when Jesus resurrected Lazarus He was essentially overturning what God ordained, which says that maybe His claims that He was the son of God were believable and that made him an enormous threat to the religious establishment."

Last year, Drive Thru History shared that among the "influences that shaped Western Civilization, there's probably no story more significant than the 'Jesus Story.'"

"Jesus: His Life" will display Jesus' life from the perspectives of "family, friends, followers, and those whose lives cross with His," History says of the project. The clip specifically reveals those selected to tell the story of Jesus and the role they all had in his life.

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