Unplanned film ranks as #1 Amazon Bestseller DVD; Breakthrough, produced by Steph Curry, also ranks in top 10

by Victor Wilson, |
Abby Johnson | Photo: Flickr/HazteOir.org

Unplanned ranks as the #1 Amazon Bestseller DVD, after having pre-sold 235,000 copies. Breakthrough, executive produced by outspoken Christian and three-time NBA champion Stephen Curry, ranks at the #7 spot.  (Click here to purchase Unplanned now.)


Unplanned, based on a true story, follows the life of Abby Johnson, an abortion worker turned pro-life activist. The film made news for several hurdles in bringing it to theaters, such as receiving an R-rating and facing what the creators deemed to be social media censorship.

"I think the people have spoken," Cary Solomon, told The Daily Signal earlier this week.  Solomon directed the movie with Chuck Konzelman, the writer of "God's Not Dead" and "God's Not Dead 2," according to The Christian Post.


Breakthrough, also on the top 10, is another Christian film based on a true story about a boy, John Smith, who was revived after his mother's prayer.  Smith was pronounced dead after falling into an icy lake, but his mother refused to give up praying.

"He can do miracles," producer Steph Curry said about why he kept reading the film's script.  Star NBA player Curry joined the film as the Executive Producer. (Click here to purchase Breakthrough now.)

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