Tim Tebow's mom hopes every woman will influence the world for Christ

by Victor Wilson, |
Pam Tebow and family | Pam Tebow/Screengrab

Every Godly woman has a deep desire to influence the world for good, Pam Tebow shares in her new book, Ripple Effects.

Following God into the mission field in the Philippines; giving birth to Tim Tebow there despite receiving medical guidance to have an abortion; and praying for all of her children are ways Pam has practiced her faith, as she has tried to live her life by following God daily.

Unexpectedly for her, the ripple effects of her choice to live a Godly lifestyle has led her onto the national stage. In her book, released earlier this year, she encourages all women to follow God, believing that their influence will ripple far and wide to positively impact family, friends and communities.

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