Oklahoma abortion doctor faces fraud charges

by Vanessa Garcia Rodriguez, |
Screen Capture: KFOR NEWS 4, Oklahoma City

OKLAHOMA CITY (Christian Examiner) -- The Oklahoma doctor accused of performing drug-induced abortions on women who were not pregnant was charged with racketeering Thursday, Dec. 19. If found guilty, Dr. Naresh Patel faces up to 10 years in prison and a $13,000 fine.

The Oklahoman reported last week Patel was arrested Dec. 9 after an undercover operation involving three female investigators revealed the doctor performed ultrasounds on the women before falsely identifying them as pregnant and providing them abortion-inducing drugs. He then charged each of them a fee of $620 for the service.

Though Patel posted bail later that same day, his clinic, Outpatient Services for Women, has remained closed since.

In addition to the racketeering charges, the Oklahoma County District Attorney filed three counts of obtaining money by false pretenses against Patel, local television station KFOR reported.

The high profile doctor came under investigation in June when a woman with cervical cancer died shortly after Patel allegedly performed an abortion on her.

"When we reviewed the death certificate, it stated she had not been pregnant in the last 12 months," Oklahoma Asstistant Attorney General Megan Tilly said.

"In speaking with the doctors, we were informed it would've been medically impossible for her to have been pregnant in August 2011 based on how severe her cervical cancer was at that time."

Tilly said the investigation would look into the medical records of the undercover officers Patel saw. She also indicated there would be a search of the doctor's office and home to determine if any further charges would be filed.

The Canada-based Christian pro-life group Campaign Life Coalition reported on LifesiteNews that at least eight additional women have claimed forward with claims against the doctor.

Patel made headlines in the early 1990's for burning 50 aborted unborn babies in a field near Shawnee because he had been barred from using a local hospital incinerator.