Satanist attacks Oklahoma City's 10 Commandments

by Will Hall, |
Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin reacts to news about the smashing, on state capitol grounds, of a monument that displayed the Ten Commandments. | Twitter

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. (Christian Examiner) – A month after an Oklahoma County judge dismissed a lawsuit arguing for removal of a public display of the Ten Commandments on the state capitol grounds, the 6-foot-tall granite monument was destroyed, Oct. 24, by a self-proclaimed Satanist who smashed it with his car.

The destruction comes amid a set of strange circumstances set in motion by the 2012 installation of the $10,000 carving representing the sacred two tablets donated by State Representative Mike Ritze and his family:

– Satanists drew only a handful of participants but hundreds of protestors to a highly publicized black mass, Sept. 21, at the city's civic center, intended to mock a Catholic mass, specifically, but Christianity in general.

– A satanic group raised $30,000 on Indiegogo for a 7-foot tall bronze goat-man figure with children gazing on, an idol they plan to install also on the state capitol grounds.

– The driver of the car declared himself a Satanist as well as mentally ill during his arrest.

After careening into the monument, the driver walked into the Federal Building, threatened President Obama and declared the devil made him do it, according to CNN.

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin, an Oklahoma Baptist University graduate, vowed to rebuild the monument, and in a tweet condemned the destruction.

"It is appalling that this monument was attacked," she wrote, adding that the perpetrator will be held responsible.