Movement Day 2014 in NYC catalyzes leaders to action

by Joni B. Hannigan, Editorial Staff |

NEW YORK CITY (Christian Examiner)—Business leaders, clergy, policy-makers, and non-profit directors gathered today in the Big Apple for "Movement Day" a national event focused on how to influence culture to affect social and spiritual change in the city.

New York City Leadership Center offered the one day workshop to catalyze Christian leaders to impact their cities, according to the organization's website.

Mac Pier, founder and CEO of The New York City Leadership Center; Tim Keller, senior pastor, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, New York, N.Y.; and Luis Palau, a leading speaker, teacher, author and expert in Christianity, Portland, Ore., were among the featured speakers, along with Jim Denison, founder of Denison Forum on Truth and Culture, Dallas, Texas; Gary and Lynette Frost, Youngstown, Ohio; Jim Liske, president and CEO, Prison Fellowship Ministries, Lansdowne, Va.; and Dimas Salaberrios, president, Concerts of Prayer, Long Island City, N.Y.

American Bible Society and World Vision served as co-hosts, according to organizers who said the event addressed "Today's urban issues collaboratively" using research showing trends in the cities, and in urban ministry.

Topics such as "authentic communities," "church planting," incarceration & re-entry," "prayer & scripture," and "the work of art," drew participants from around the nation for 14 specific interactive tracks.

A series of Facebook posts posts and Tweets using social media promised "artists, art educator, and art advocates who seek to understand the role of the art-maker as a Kingdom agent in today's culture," would find the "The Work of Art," an interesting workshop at #MovementDay as the event was tagged.

Josiah Haken (@Josiahhaken) said in a tweet, "Leaders ready 2 spark #gospelmovements recognize that God's plan 4 hurting neighborhoods isnt 4 neighborhoods 2 looks like us." #MovementDay."

Other Movement Week events were a 2-day City Advance, Oct. 21-22 and a 2-day Global Strategy Conference, October 22-23.

Movement Day Greater Dallas is scheduled for January 22, 2015.