Moses recovers life, finds friend

by Wendy Christian, Guest Writer |
Facebook/Save the Children

MONROVIA, Liberia (Christian Examiner) -- Little Moses, just 10 years old, was found, barely alive, on the side of the road in Monrovia. He had been traveling with his family in Liberia's capital city, when his parents succumbed to the deadly Ebola virus, leaving him behind – orphaned and alone. This gentle, little boy was not only heartbroken, but also sick with the virus, with no one to take care of him.

For fear of Ebola, Moses was turned away at every cry for help and shunned by all who passed. Far from home, he didn't know where he was or how many days he'd been living on the streets. He would not have lived much longer had a kind policeman not found him and taken him to the Ebola Treatment Unit at JFK Hospital.

Sorrowfully, only one out of four children infected during this deadly Ebola outbreak has survived. But Moses made it. And it was during his recovery in the Ebola Treatment Unit that Moses met a fellow patient Vivian – a warm, generous woman who was able to bring a small smile back to his face. Vivian herself was an Ebola survivor, who had lost family members. They became fast friends.

When it came time for Moses to be discharged, the hospital staff had planned, sadly, to take him to an orphanage. But Moses refused to go, grabbing onto Vivian's hand. He just wouldn't let go.

Facebook/Save the Children

Vivian decided she wouldn't let go either. She welcomed Moses into her home, where he'll stay until any surviving relatives are found. Through Save the Children's tracing and reunification programs, families are brought back together, even in the midst of chaos and crisis. They also support caregivers and hosts like Vivian with survivor kits, containing essential food and supplies needed to provide for orphaned children.

Today, Moses, hand in hand with Vivian, continues his long recovery – both physically and emotionally—from the tragedy of Ebola.

He is thriving thanks to Save the Children's comprehensive, child-focused response strategy to the world's Ebola Crisis. He is one of thousands of nearly forgotten children being protected and cared for after being orphaned by this disease.

Learn more about challenges for children in Liberia and how you can help at Save the Children.