Memorial to unborn replaces abortion clinic

by Vanessa Garcia Rodriguez, |

TOLEDO, Ohio (Christian Examiner) -- An abandoned abortion clinic near Toledo may soon become a memorial for unborn aborted children.

The former "Center for Choice" closed its doors in 2013 after having opened in 1983. Prior to its closing, it served patients from Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana.

Located in the UpTown urban district of Toledo, the clinic was forced to shut down last year when it failed to comply with the state's wishes for an emergency transfer agreement with a local hospital. Before last year, having emergency transfer for patients with complications was simply an administrative rule.

A "loose group of pro-life organizations" now seeks to erect a memorial garden and green space on the location's site.

Ed Sitter, executive director of Greater Toledo Right to Life commented on the possible memorial to the Toledo Blade.

"This is not a statement about being against abortion," Sitter said. "This is about paying respect and honor to the babies who died there."

Mike McCartney, board president of Foundation for Life and Greater Toledo Right to Life, told the Blade about the plans to create a memorial garden and green space.

"I think it's incredible," McCartney said. "It would truly be a sphinx rising from the ashes. What a power visual of a prevailing symbol of life from something that has really represented death."

The founder of Center for Choice told the Blade that the facility could be better used as an education center.

"It could be a place for women who don't have an education but have children," Carol Dunn said. She added that the property had been sold for $61,000, but no money had been exchanged.

With the closing of the Center for Choice clinic, only one abortion provider, The Capital Care Network, in the area remains.