First man recognized as 'nonbinary' in US regrets taking hormones, warns against trans 'sham'

by Brandon Showalter, CP Reporter |
Jamie Shupe poses with his military identification card, which now recognizes his actual biological sex, male. | Photo: Jamie Shupe/Courtesy

The first man in the United States to be legally recognized as "nonbinary" now says it was a "sham," and notes that mainstream media and LGBT organizations treat him as though he does not exist.

In a Monday article in the Daily Signal, Jamie Shupe, a man who recently desisted back to his biological sex, explained that four years ago he wrote about his decision to live "authentically" as the woman he said he always had been in The New York Times. Three years ago, he asserted he was nonbinary — neither male nor female — and was allowed to identify as such by the state of Oregon. He was the first person in the United States where a "third" sex was formally designated on his legal documents.

"Now, I want to live again as the man that I am," Shupe wrote Monday, elaborating that while he took hormones and participated in "medical transgenderism" for several years, he never had surgery to remove his genitals and today considers himself lucky.

"But that's not to say I got off scot-free. My psyche is eternally scarred, and I've got a host of health issues from the grand medical experiment," he said.

Shupe went on to detail how the transgender community billed life as the opposite sex as wonderful and fulfilling when in fact it only made him more miserable. His confusion was compounded by medical professionals who now write letters saying their gender-confused patients were essentially born in the wrong body, a notion government agencies and courts of law have validated.

In a Wednesday interview with The Christian Post, when asked what he would tell young people who have begun believing they are transgender or nonbinary, Shupe said he knows they have been led to think that gender identities are real but they are not.

"To the children, I say: I understand that you are reluctant to take the advice of older people and would prefer to test things out yourself, but you can't walk this harm back. You only have one body. You only have one reproductive system. Please don't ruin it chasing the fantasy that you are something other than your biological sex," Shupe said.

"While your suffering is real, a gender transition is not the answer to your problems. Right now there is no reward for being the person who resists succumbing to gender dysphoria. That's going to change and you should be proud to be a part of that change."

He added that he would tell parents that he knows how much gender clinicians have scared them by claiming their options are their child's suicide or a gender transition.

"I understand how your child has learned to weaponize suicide because I've been taught that too. I understand how precious your children are, because I have one of my own. Never in a million years would she get my help or support to transition. When therapists or doctors warn that your child should not go through the wrong puberty, you must ask how the child could possibly know that their puberty was wrong without experiencing the one their body is supposed to naturally have," he said.

"If you want to help your child learn their way out of gender ideology, they must be taught to understand sex stereotypes and not be raised with rigid boundaries."

Parents must understand that gender dysphoria is always part of a co-morbid mental illness, he stressed, adding that "countless" children have been lost despite giving them access to hormones and surgeries.

"That's because they do not fix the underlying problem."

The medical and societal horrors of being transgender are far worse than being gay, he continued, particularly since being gay does not involve hormones and surgery. He believes children should not be made to feel that sexual orientation must be "made straight by a gender change" because of their parents' beliefs.

The real root of Shupe's distress was sexual abuse from a male relative when he was a child and severe beatings from his parents, he explained Monday. "I now have irreversible breast growth. I have a number of health complications from this. I now have bone density problems. I've had kidney problems. And at one point my mental health was so destabilized by the hormones that I had two stays in a psychiatric ward because of it," he said in a Monday interview with Fox News' Laura Ingraham.

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