A Dangerous Victory: Facing the future of the New America, the midterm elections

by Randy White, Randy White Ministries |

KATY, Texas (Randy White Ministries) -- Conservatives swept the mid-term elections, and the Republican Party now has control of the legislative branch of government. It is a day of rejoicing for those who hold Judeo-Christian values, along with fiscal conservatives. But the celebration better not last too long.

The conservative sweep of House and Senate has only ramped up the battle for America, with conservatives at a decided disadvantage. Yes, I said disadvantage. In two years, a president will be elected. That president will be elected based on the mood of the country at that time, not at this time. After two years of a Republican majority and nothing to show for it, the dismal public opinion of Congress may even be more dismal. Two years and nothing to show is a real possibility since Congress can do very little without the cooperation of the president, and the president will always have the benefit of the doubt in the American system.

Come 2016, whoever the Democratic nominee is, she will be able to claim that "Nothing has been accomplished because the Republican controlled congress blocks every appointment and refuses to debate every presidential agenda." If that nominee can galvanize her base and motivate the disgruntled middle, she will win.

Conservatives, on the other hand, don't have much base. They are divided between the more libertarian conservatives, the constitutional conservatives, the religious-right conservatives, the tea-party fiscal conservatives, and the kinder-gentler conservatives. Whoever the nominee is will likely be battered and bruised by the time the nomination is secured.

Then, at best, many Republicans will "hold their nose and vote." This kind of race doesn't motivate the disgruntled middle, nor the low-information voter. In the end, this kind of party will lose.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the current president has threatened the use of executive power to accomplish whatever he wants, without the support of the Legislative Branch. The Judicial Branch is the place that this kind of rough-shod action is constitutionally remedied, and herein lies the problem. While judges have slapped Obama's hand more than any president since FDR, the Judicial Branch is a mish-mash of mish-mash, uncontrollable as water. The Legislative Branch could overcome this with impeachment proceedings, but such is unlikely to happen. The bottom line: over the next two years President Obama may accomplish his agenda through Executive Order, illegal or not, and get away with it.

The State of the Union is fragile. There is an even-split in populous vote for presidential politics. There are no candidates in either party who have an across-the-isle reach. There is a deadlock between executive and legislative branches, and a Judicial Branch with no guiding principle.

Could a candidate arise in the next two years who could attract support from the all-American middle? While anything could happen, such a candidate would be miraculous, almost Messianic. How could a candidate find a convictional position on immigration, abortion, and gay marriage -- and and economic philosophy that would satisfy that all-American middle? In the end, a consensus candidate is only going to arise when the heart of the nation is at consensus.

Toward that end, I hold out little hope. The religious foundations of the culture are weak and weakening. The secular-humanist worldview that has created the open-border, pro-choice, redefined-marriage mindset is growing, already adopted among mainline Protestants and quickly gaining ground among Catholics and evangelicals.

In the end, all I can say is this: Get ready. Get ready for the most dangerous period in American history. A period that will likely end in a state-empowered control of daily living and a Leninist rejection of all things spiritual. That, sadly, is the New America.

Dr. Randy White is Pastor of First Baptist Church of Katy, Texas, and blogs at www.RandyWhiteMinistries.org