Quick tips for Christians to keep pure eyes and pure hearts

by Victor Wilson, |

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God. – Matthew 5:8

The eye is the lamp of the body. And anyone who looks at a person lustfully has already committed adultery with that person in his or her heart. Knowing what the Bible says about lust is important for Christians to constantly keep in mind.  And how then are Christians to live pure lives, putting the Biblical views of purity into practice? Here are three super-quick tips:

1) Never take a second look at a person for the wrong reason, with lust in one's heart. A first look may be unavoidable; a second look could be all about the looker wanting more.

2) Look at more bright, positive and pure images per day than negative ones. Let's face it, just opening up the computer to read the morning news can launch one into a barrage of negative imagery.  Let's say, throughout the course of the day, a person is bombarded with 50 sexually suggestive images. Then to counteract this downward effect on the spirit, the individual can look at 100 positive, healthy and uplifting images during the same day.  These images can come from the person's wedding album; phone photo collections depicting family, friends and happy moments; inspirational images found online and in the media; and more.

3) Revisit how time is being spent. If a person is distracted by looking at negative, suggestive imagery, time is being lost, time which must be repented for—and there must be something positive the person should have been doing with that time instead. So prior to going off track, Christians can think of several ways to use the same time for positive purposes, and that very second get right to doing them.

These quick tips are meant as starter ideas.  To go deeper, take out a piece of paper or a smartphone, and immediately list 5 additional ideas that come to mind for breaking lustful habits and maintaining a pure heart.  Then, try the easiest one first; don't delay an instant longer!

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