Evangelism and Writing

by Becky Villareal, Christian Examiner Contributor |

I was raised the daughter of missionaries, so I knew evangelism meant sharing the love of God by going out and helping others through hard work, long hours, and a giving spirit. I was born into this lifestyle, and it became ingrained in my very soul.

However, I was not called to be a missionary as my parents were, I was drawn to be a writer. So, with the encouragement of my parents, I wrote my little stories including mysteries, romances, and even a horror story or two as I struggled to find my writer's voice.

It wasn't until I had retired and was able to write full-time that I found something was missing from my writing. I'd found my writer's voice, but my writing lacked something vital – its soul. When I began to write my last book, The Broken Branches, and problems arose in the plot that couldn't be solved with human hands, I remembered how important the Lord had been in my life whenever issues arose and how His very presence could quiet this child. And this message of hope and eternal love that brings a peace that goes far beyond understanding is what I want to share with my readers.

The Great Commission

"Here I am, send me,"
Who said those words
That haunt me so
And how was I to know
That THAT small voice that said, "Go"
Would be so insistent and persistent
Nudging me on, reluctant me
Towards things I'd never fathomed
I go
In the name of the Lord
With only a badly broken pot
And two work-worn hands to offer.

Becky Villareal | Photo: Courtesy

– Becky Villareal was born in Dallas, Texas in 1954 to missionary parents who traveled around Texas serving various communities. The grandmother of three, she enjoys writing and spending time with her family. As an elementary teacher and ten year veteran of genealogy, Becky has been able to enjoy not only working with children but finding out about her family history. She also enjoys a good cup of coffee, a quiet place to write, and a warm purring cat on her lap while she types. She has published three children's books and multiple articles including Giannathe Great, and Halito Gianna: The Journey Continues, and Gianna the Treasure Hunter. Her latest book, The Broken Branches was released in November.