Dabo Swinney on national championship win: 'Only God can do this and that's a fact'

by Samuel Smith, Christian Post Contributor |
Clemson football coach Dabo Swinney speaks during a post-game interview following the Tigers' 44-16 victory over Alabama in the 2019 College Football Playoff National Championship game in Santa Clara, California. | SCREENSHOT: TWITTER/ @CRIDDLEBENJAMIN

Clemson University head football coach Dabo Swinney was in a preaching mood following the Tigers' 44–16 victory against the No. 1-ranked University of Alabama in the College Football Playoff National Championship Game Monday night in Santa Clara, California.

Following what was his team's second national championship victory in three years, the 49-year-old didn't mince words about who he thought was responsible for the blowout victory against his alma mater.

Although freshman quarterback Trevor Lawrence picked apart the Crimson Tide defense on his way to 347 passing yards, three touchdowns and no interceptions, Swinney believes God was responsible for orchestrating the Tigers abundant success this season.

"A guy like me, I said this two years ago, you can't write a Hollywood script, only God can do this. And that's a fact," Swinney asserted in a postgame television interview. "People think I'm crazy or quacky or whatever, but only God can orchestrate this."

Swinney went on to assert that "no Hollywood producer" could write the script that the Tigers faced as they became the first 15-0 team in college football history.

"I am just telling you that if I can do it and these Clemson Tigers can do it, anybody can do it if you have a belief in yourself and what you are doing and you surround yourself with a bunch of great young people that are passionate about winning," he stressed. "And tonight, we conquered a mountain that ain't never been conquered, with flags on the top. I can't wait to celebrate."

Clemson tackled a similar mountain in 2017 when the 14-1 Tigers previously defeated the 14-1 Crimson Tide in that year's national championship game.

Swinney was also asked in his post-game interview about how he describes the "joy" he felt in the moment.

"That's been my word [joy] all year and I have tried to be intentional with that," Swinney said. "For me personally, joy comes from focusing on Jesus, others and yourself. There are so many great coaches that are so deserving of a moment like this that never get the chance to experience it. To get to do it once and now to get to do it again, it's a blessing. It's simply the grace of the good Lord to allow us to experience something like this."

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