Actress Melissa Joan Hart talks faith, overcoming doubt in God

by Jeannie Law, |
American actress Melissa Joan Hart in August 2011. | Photo: MingleMediaTVNetwork/Wikimedia Commons

Actress Melissa Joan Hart began talking publicly about her Christian faith and the impact it's having on her adult life after starring in the "God's Not Dead" sequel.

Hart was a guest on Paula Faris' "Journeys of Faith" podcast on Wednesday where she revealed that she's Presbyterian but was raised Catholic.

"The town I grew up in Long Island was a very Catholic town," said Hart, who's best known for her role on the '90s series "Sabrina the Teenage Witch."

"But I was always very curious and I just felt like I didn't really connect in church. I tried, I tried to read the Bible by myself," Hart explained. After trying to read the book of Revelation as a teenager and not understanding it, she said she continued "searching."

"I always had faith in Jesus as my Savior and that God was out there looking out for me, and was always very faithful in prayer," she continued. "I was always trying to read the Bible and trying to figure out how can I learn more."

After getting married and thinking about starting a family, she knew she had to lock down a church and solidify her faith. Hart and her husband, Mark Wilkerson, then settled at a Presbyterian church.

She said her faith has been a continual "growth" with Jesus. Hart said she believes in the golden rule and sharing with others that Jesus is Lord. However, the actress admitted that she does fight uncertainty.

"Without doubt we don't explore," Hart maintained. "When I have these big questions like, 'Was Jesus a cool dude?' Or 'Was He the son of God?'... 'Why would God care about my little life when He has this whole Earth and universe?' Then I close my eyes and tap into the Holy Spirit and let Him speak to me. And you feel that warmth and you feel that change. And all of sudden you can just go off of that blind faith. Of course I believe," the 42-year-old declared.

Throughout the interview, Hart also addressed some of the difficult times she's had to endure. "I feel like every time something bad has happened, I've come out of it because of my faith," she told Faris. "It's for a purpose He has. It's His will be done."

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