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What If I...

The song "What If I Gave Everything" by Casting Crowns asks a very simple question, followed by a very truthful answer. "So why am I still standing here? So afraid what it might cost to follow You."

But the Words are Already Out There!

Everywhere we turn our senses are assaulted with negative this and bad that. I've actually curtailed several posts just because I don't want to add to the din of hate that seems to have encompassed our society. This week alone, the mainstream media has been awash with more accusations and innuendo ...

Worship with Emotion

Emotions are funny things. I remember a young me wondering why so many "old people" cried so easily, especially at graduations or church services. After all, I was an active duty, enlisted Marine.

Fly, Little Bird. Fly!

As parents we want the best for our children. We try to instill in them the sense of worth we see in them. We tell them of their potential and help them reach it. We give them goals and we pick them up when they miss the bar. We teach them of the love of God and we temper their strong will.

Stay Vigilant, My Friend

"To stay relevant with the rapidly changing culture in the US, we need to adapt less stringent practices, else our church will die." Is that a bad thing, really? I mean, is it better to compromise true beliefs and live or maintain your integrity and expire?

$Money-$Money-$Money-$Money. $$Money!

The Wall Street Journal recently released a piece by journalists Christopher M. Matthews and Rebecca Elliott detailing the ancillary effects of the oil boom in the Permian Basin. According to the article, hotel chains in the Basin are charging over $500 per night for a room that normally runs $69. ...

Quick to Listen, Slow to Act

How does a Christian respond to someone who claims to have been wronged by the Church, or for whom the Church has failed them?

Once For All

By all accounts, this year's Oscars were standard "Hollywood love thyself" fare. One notable exception is the conduct of renowned director Spike Lee, who tried to storm out of the theater after losing to "Green Book," but was forced to return to his seat. Spike Lee, who identifies as Christian yet ...

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