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Heal our land...

Every time a young white male mass shooter kills more than himself, we offer thoughts and prayers for the families and then wait for the 24-hour news cycle to find something else to talk about.


I pray. I pray for Godly intervention.

Contentment in the Storm

Greek philosopher Heraclitus is credited with the oft-quoted phrase, "change is the only constant in life." The third chapter of Ecclesiastes is equally as clear on change, but in the scriptures, the focus is on God's directing said change.

Erosion Reveals Shackles

Picture it. New York, Trump Tower, 2020. The police arrive en masse, wearing riot gear, with dozens of pairs of flex cuffs dangling from their belts. Immediately they commandeer the elevators and move to the twenty-first floor. Moving out in groups of four, they start with apartment 21A. Their ...

My Provider

That's a lot of money. I don't care who you are. One hundred twenty-eight million dollars in extension money to bring Carson Wentz' six-year potential salary to a whopping $170 million!

Am I a Soldier...

Today is Memorial Day. I am a veteran. I am a Marine. I respect everyone who served, good, bad, or ugly, and I respect organizations and functions that set aside time during their events this weekend and today to recognize the sacrifice of those we've lost.

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