Nurturing the Will to Live in a Culture of Death

Nurturing the Will to Live in a Culture of Death

As if death by natural causes was not enough of a challenge, we are now living in a culture of death where death by unnatural causes, such as murder, euthanasia and suicide, is on the rise. Why is life being viewed in such a fashion that many feel it can be taken so casually? What's app now has a ...

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Nudity in the Public Domain

The American actress, Jessica Biel, recently gave voice to a view which many women probably wish they had the courage to share. Speaking of her fashion choices when she was younger, she stated, "I wish I would've explored some different shapes, and not gone sexy all the time."

The Case of Jussie Smollett and the 'Antihero' Culture

In just 22 days from January 29 when he filed his assault claim, up to February 20 when he was charged, Smollett went from being the sympathetic victim of a racist, homophobic attack – a victim who resisted courageously his intended lynching – to an alleged criminal who masterminded a terrible ...

The Awards Worth Pursuing

How well we respond to receiving or being denied an award depends largely on what drives our desire for excellence.

Keeping It Real: Reclaiming Reality in 2019

As smart technologies and media platforms continue to proliferate, it is becoming increasingly difficulty to differentiate truth and reality from the fictional and fake. As 2018 draws to a rapid close, an analysis of how the culture has redefined reality seems fitting.

'It's a Wonderful Life': a Classic film with a Timeless Message

At this season of festivity and sentimentality, it's easy to forget that there are those who struggle emotionally and financially around Christmas. This film reminds us that despite the tragedies and broken dreams that life invariably dishes out, it's still a wonderful life.

Jesus Christ vs Santa Claus: Whose gift matters most?

With Christmas on the horizon, children across the world are in a heightened state of anticipation over two central characters. Whether Jesus or Santa Claus has the pride of place in their hearts and homes depends on what they have been taught and the traditions they have practised since birth.

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